Wherry rub rails

Pedantic question.  I'm building in Australia and have bought my kit from a local company licensed to sell CLC designs.  What dimensions are the rub rails meant to be (not length, but thickness and width)?  I've been supplied with timber about 1" x 1".  Should ithis timber be dressed down or re-sawn then fitted to the hull in 2 laminations?  The curve of the hull seems too great for the timber to handle too much force in bending to fit the curve.  Thanks,


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RE: Wherry rub rails

The ones that came with my kit from CLC were 3/4" x 1/2", and you apply them  double thickness  to come up with a total of 1" by 3/4".  The 3/4" face butts up against the plywood hull.  You put them on one at a time so that the wood can handle the curve of the boat without cracking.


RE: Wherry rub rails

If you like a pedantic look too, here's an idea:

I covered the edges of the plywood with thin strips (about 9x3mms) of ash. Makes some more work, but delivers a nice and professional look by the end :-)). I made some supports with plywood to hold the strips in place till the glue cured. The rub rails have been mounted in one piece, no problem at all with bending them - as you know one can never have too many clamps!

Cover plywood edges

Lats but not le<st: The Wherry is a great boat and really fun to row!

RE: Wherry rub rails

Thanks for the help and great pictures.  I need to finish this boat and have stopped thinking about possible customizing options, but that ash stripping looks terrific.  Next build I'll consider some more personal touches.


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