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Just ordered the manual for the Skerry to see if it is a good entry level project. I really like the lines. The Passagemaker is attractive in its own right and offers 200lbs more capacity and the option of an outboard (although you could easily hang an electric off of a Skerry - and both craft seem well propelled by oars alone).

 I'd appreciate any thought son the virtures of these two vessels, specifically # of passengers and ease of built. I realize neither is a pontoon boat but can you manage two adults and a kid or two in the skerry or is the 450lb capacity optimistic to begin with.


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RE: Skerry & Passagemaker


If cargo capacity and the ability to power a hull are your primary concern, the Passagemaker can't be beat.  It is a true workhorse of a hull.  If you browse through the Passagemaker gallery, you will see a pair of fully laden Passagemakers, both carrying four adults...while still retaining significant freeboard!  I'm sure CLC will officially recommend that you observe the 600 lb capacity, but my own opinion is that the useful load of this sturdy 100 lb hull is significantly more.

Both the skerry and the Passagemaker are fine day sailers, as well.  Indeed, one need not feel constrained by the standard rigs.  There are examples of Passagemakers being built with the Skerry's lug rig, and the Skerry running under a Passagemaker's gunter sloop.  Beyond that, the Passagemaker offers the clever take-apart option, if such a feature is useful to you.

Both boats row well, but as you say, a transom allows the easier addition of power to the Passagemaker.  If that is a requirement, you might also consider the Jimmy Skiff for your first project.  An example of a well-built Jimmy skiff can be found here.

Whatever you choose, you won't regret selecting a CLC design.  I am in the midst of building my second CLC kit, and am already looking forward to the hat trick...

RE: Skerry & Passagemaker


You mentioned  being on your second build. Which craft did you choose?


RE: Skerry & Passagemaker


A closer review of the Skerry album shows a few shots with 2 adults & 2 kids as well. Thanks. I also read up on te hMay open house - that sound slike a great opportunity to see a completed Passagemaker and Skerry.


RE: Skerry & Passagemaker

John, my second craft is a Mill Creek 16.5...Quite a different craft than the Passagemaker.  I use the Passagemaker as a day sailer on area lakes (and ultimately one day hope to use it as a tender to a larger yacht), and plan to use the Mill Creek to explore nearby rivers, of which we have many here in central Alabama.

 If you are nearby Annapolis, I would highly recommend attending Okoume Fest in May.  It would be a great chance to compare your two boat candidates in a hands-on trial. Owners of both designs will be there, no doubt, and you can get good info directly from them.  I understand some new CLC designs will be revealed, as well.  I wish I could be there myself!

RE: Skerry & Passagemaker

Hey Peter, how is the Millcreek coming along?  I keep checking your blog and see that it is still on the October post.

Thanks for posting the mention and link to my Jimmy Skiff blog.  I want foks to know that it was inspired greatly by your Passage Maker blog.

 I was hoping to meet you at O'fest this year, and perhaps get a sample of the Eipersbrau.  Well, since I still have snow in my yard, I am not likely to make it to Maryland this year either.  I have too much yard cleanup and other things to do before sailing season can begin for me.

John (jshaley), Did you check out the Compare Our Boats! on this site?  You can see the three boats Peter mentioned in one page, with the data to compare.

Best wishes, both to John and to Peter in your building projects. - Ron

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