Hurricane Sandy and CLC

We've battened down the hatches here.  I'm looking out the window at Madness-the-proa riding quietly at the dock in 35-knot gusts.  The wind has started building rapidly in the last half-hour.

Joey and a few hardy fo'castle men are manning the phones at CLC as long as the power is on.  If you call and can't get through, assume that we've lost power.  (We're on a switchboard, so the phones go out along with the power.)  

We'll try to keep up with email even if electricity is out.  Best to everyone in Sandy's path!  

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RE: Hurricane Sandy and CLC

I think Joey should aim the shop cam out the door so we can all watch the storm go by.

George K

RE: Hurricane Sandy and CLC

In case we have interruptions in phone or email over the next few days, we have extended the Fall Kit Sale through Friday at Midnight.

The Hurricane Sale Kit Sale


RE: Hurricane Sandy and CLC

The Guvner wants everyone off the roads, so as of 1345 EST we have closed the CLC store.  It will still be ugly in the morning, so not sure when we'll reopen.  ASAP!  

So, no phone calls for the moment.  As long as we have power (or charged laptop batteries) we'll be checking email.  

Watch for updates here and on Facebook.

RE: Hurricane Sandy and CLC

For those who want to see Sandy beat up Annapolis, try this link to the City Docks webcam.



RE: Hurricane Sandy and CLC

Looks like the CLC family has made it through mostly unscathed.  Power is on at the shop and while road closures are keeping some staff home, phones and tech lines are open.

Hope all of our friends up and down the coast are weathering Sandy. 

RE: Hurricane Sandy and CLC

Good to hear you have made it through...Just placed my first order and I'm looking forward to a nice winter project.


Here in Northwestern NJ, we still have a lot of power out, but people are pushing on and helping on another to recover.

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