Cockpit covers

I meant to throw this in with my last post.... I want a cockpit cover for my Auk 17, it has the standard cockpit design that came with the kit. I looked on The CLC site, but didn't see any reference to a cover for the Auk. Did I miss it, or don't they carry one? ... I may also buy a spray shirt, but didn't see a reference to one of those for an Auk either. 

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RE: Cockpit covers

Hi Duuane,

  I had the same dilema with a spray skirt for my Auk 17 and called CLC customer service. They recomended the one for one of the Wood Ducks. It fits pretty well but the catalog shows a few choices for the ducks now so I'd give them a call.




RE: Cockpit covers

Chris......thanks for your reply earlier this month. I called CLC and got the information, which led to two good additions to my Christmas list. I got the cockpit cover and the spray skirt for Christmas.      P.S. had the Auk out on a local lake here in western NY on December 20th.    Thanks again!

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