automotive paint

Has anyone tried painting a hull with automotive epoxy primer and acrylic urethane? I've got enough left over from the last car I painted and can have a fully cured finnish in 48 hours but have never tried it on epoxy fiberglass.



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RE: automotive paint

I've never personally tried this but everything I've ever heard or read about auto paint/primer and boats makes me believe it woudn't be a good idea. My understanding is that auto paint/primer is much harder than paint engineered for wood. It is also engineered knowing that metal doesn't expand and contract like wood. Despite being covered with epoxy and glass, wood will still contract and expand. I think if you put this very hard, unflexible paint on wood you will shortly get a lot of crazing and cracking in the surface. However, I'm no expert , so cover a board with glass, paint it and throw it out in the yard for a couple of months and then report back. I for one, would be very interested to hear the results.

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