Problems with epoxy coating

After over 20 years building exposy encapsulated craft I am not fighting with the unthined application of resin on my Passagemaker. 

Prep:  Sand, vacum, clean with D.A. apply thin coat with small foam roller. 


Base coat no problem.

Additional coats epoxy is not flowing smooth looks like ripples on a pond. 

Sand smooth and recoat same result?

At this point it has cost me hrs sanding it smooth and it is on the strakes which at least are not assembled. Once assembled this will be a nightmare for the additional coats of unthickend exposy. 

I have tried D. Alcohol, and Acetone, with clean rags. Now now only thing that is different is I have been using cheap H.Frieght foam rollers. Do you think they are contaminating the resin?

The resin is cures normally.  Any suggestions are welcome since there is a lot of resin on this build.  

Thanks for any ideas, or solutions! 

Have a Happy New Year




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RE: Problems with epoxy coating

 " Prep:  Sand, vacum, clean with D.A. apply thin coat with small foam roller."

   Going to assume you're tipping after the roller. I would try a test area with a brush and eliminate the roller to see what happens. Maybe try a different grit parer? That's all I can come up with. I did have some stubborn blush once that would not let go until I wet sanded with 220.

RE: Problems with epoxy coating

I have tipped after rolling I am really supect that it is blush. Lots of pieces to pre-coat so I should be able to figure it out before I have to coat the entire hull. 

Just never had this issue with MAS before always flowed like glass. 



RE: Problems with epoxy coating

I have recently experienced the same problem a couple of times on my Shearwater Sport Hybrid. Nothing like this on my previous two builds. At first I thought it was just me but your description of the problem is identical.

The most recent layer of "fill coat" on the inside of the deck did not have this issue though. I rolled the layer on extra thin - of course tipping each layer... That might have helped. Not sure.

Perhaps someone else has some other suggestions.

RE: Problems with epoxy coating

I have been getting similar results, but for me I've been thinking its because I am up in Seattle and its hard getting my workspace warm this time of year.  Its generally in the low 50's in my garage when I'm doing the epoxy work, so the stuff is like honey.  That makes it hard to get a thin, and smooth result.

Do you think cold temps may be your issue?


RE: Problems with epoxy coating

During epoxy work I keep my garage in the mid 60's to 70. It actually had been quite warm during most of December so I don't think that temps are the issue.

RE: Problems with epoxy coating


I began pre-coating the transoms and bulkheads.  This time I only used the yellow foam rollers I received from CLC.  The other yellow ones I had used were smaller and cheap from Harbor Frieght.  Guess what! 

Problem appears to be solved!  It appears the roller foam was contaminating the resin.

 I sanded, vacumed and cleaned with D.A.

Then applied thin coat. No more ripples or fish eyes.  I have tried tipping and non tipping and have found no noticible difference in result.  My workshop remains a steady temp of 68 degrees and humidity is at 32 percent. 

Hopefull thisis issue will not surface on final resin applications after the boat is stiched which will begin very soon. 

Have a great new year!

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