KAHOLO 14 _ finished (almost)

Still needs varnish on the hull but that can wait coz I just want to get it on the water while I'm still on holidays. Maiden voyage tomorrow morning.





Bare bones without the 10"FCS hatchet fin and 2Metre deck pad, it weighed in at 13kg. 28.6 lbs in ye olde speak.

Complete with fin and pad ready for action (-hull varnish) it weighs in at 14.3kg.   31.5lbs.  Was hoping for 14 but the glass fin and long deck pad tipped me over.

If it  gets used a bit and doesn't end up in the rafters with my half finished sea kayak, I intend to redo the deck to match my pax20surfski. Paulownia with three WRC speed stripes but that will be next year perhaps.


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RE: KAHOLO 14 _ finished (almost)

Nice work!

Gotta say I also admire that railing on your  deck.  Where do you call home?


RE: KAHOLO 14 _ finished (almost)

G'day Hickory. The house is a Queenslander from the Victorian period. The vehranda rail is 100mm ladies waist and the balustrading is cast. it was a common pattern for this style of home cica 1900. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queenslander_(architecture)

Currently enjoying bacon and egg brekky on it right now. Although annoyed that it has started raining as I'm loaded ready for maiden voyage. Will be a steamy day.



RE: KAHOLO 14 _ finished (almost)

Craig, I'm imagining that by now you have just completed your K14' maiden paddle, and probably have a sore face from grinning so much. How did it go? How did she go? I'm sure you are thrilled and satisfied and the effort on the build seems sooooo worthwhile. Very nice, clean look on your board. I'm going that direction as well and am probably 2 weeks out from my first paddle. Thanks for your help and suggestions along the way. Really helped clear up some "foggy" issues. Drop a note and let us (me) know your intial reactions to the Kaholo paddle experience.



RE: KAHOLO 14 _ finished (almost)

Well I'm sore but not my face. Just got back from my second paddle and dropped about 15minutes off the time I did for my first. Long way to go speed wise though.

Today I moved the fin fully to the rear whereas I had it fully forward first time.

I am very happy with this project. Quick and easy to build, my scarfs are getting better and I tried out some different weight saving techniques.

Definitely not an enjoyable experience paddling in to a wind against the tide but fun and a lot faster turning around and coming home.  I can't see SUP's replacing surfskis for me but look forward to using it socially and for a bit of training to compliment my paddling. I may even look around for a cheap used board for son to do a bit of river running.

Look foward to seeing your board completed. Cheers


RE: KAHOLO 14 _ finished (almost)

Hi Craig,where did you get the rubber mat from ?


RE: KAHOLO 14 _ finished (almost)

Ray, I picked it up from a a guy here in Oz who sells SUP's and surfboards out of a warehouse. I went there to grab a paddle and he had a few pads for $30. This a bargain price and you would be lucky to get one for that price.

Unfortunately EVA deck pads are not cheap and constitute a fair percentage of the finished cost of a Kaholo. I'm assuming that you live in the US, if so, the CLC deck pads would be you best bet.

Don't be tempted to use EVA yoga mats. They are much lower density and absorb water. If you wanted to make your own you could contact Seadek or Hydroturf and get a price but you will need to factor in the cost of decent adhesive eg 3M. Apparently it is the adhesive backing that makes them so expensive.

 Otherwise, google SUP deck pads or traction pads and you will most likely find what you are after.

Also keep in mind that the long pads add a bit of weight that arguably is not needed.  Mine weighed in at 1kg and is twice as long as i need. However, I like the look and wasn't planning on adding any other fancy bits on top.


RE: KAHOLO 14 _ finished (almost)

better prices on ebay


RE: KAHOLO 14 _ finished (almost)

Hi Caig,where about in Brisbane did you get it.I am in Coffs Harbour NSW.I am the guy who puts the photos on the Plywood Pirates facebook site.We have built over 60 or 70 Kayaks Boats Canoes in the last 15 years at my place.


RE: KAHOLO 14 _ finished (almost)

G'day Ray. Sharon's Kaholo is looking great.

Would love to visit you guys one day.

I got h pad from this guy http://www.sabresurf.com.au/ 

He operates out of a warehouse in Loganholme on Brissies south side. He had a couple of pads left when I was there last but may have more now. He heads to China regularly to get new stock.

Ebay regularly has pads like mine for about $70 delivered.

Cheers, Craig

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