Daggerboard trunk seal

You might find this product interesting. I am considering it on my PMD.

Epoxy to each side of the trunk on the bottom. Either one piece and cut the middle or two pieces and overlap slightly. Allows booard to slid thru then seals when removed to keep water out when towing. 




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RE: Daggerboard trunk seal

For what it's worth... speaking as a sailor who loves to sail fast on a sports boat (with gaskets), your PMD does not need these gaskets (I had initially contemplated this as well).

In fact such a gasket would only serve to catch sand and dirt and what-not every time you pull it up on a nice beach for a fine lunch. Leave the slot open and clean. When rowing (and not sailing) you should cover the DB slot either from above or stuff some closed-cell foam inside the slot so that your underside does not get soaked from the wash in the slot.

I fashined a thin mahogany cover with a slot gasket that sinks into the slot and plugs up from the top.

Finish the boat and use it for a while. If you still feel that the gaskets would make sense, then go ahead and try them.




RE: Daggerboard trunk seal

After many sailing years myself and later full keelers. I have come to the same conclusion that it would be more trouble than it is worth. Just a thought however. 



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