Time between varnish and kayaking

OK, here's a question that I have not been able to find a good answer to...

Today is Thursday.  I just put coat #3 of varnish on my Shearwater 16 Hybid, and am really enjoying how it looks!  I'm using Interlux Gold, per the CLC recommendation.

On Sunday, I'd like to go paddling with some friends.

So, here's the question... how long in between the last coat of varnish and the dip in the water should I give it?  If I can get a coat on tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday, I'll have 5 coats on the boat, which is probably good, and I'll call it done.  But, it will only be ~24 hours between the last coat and the splash.  If I stop varnishing now, I can wait 3 days for the varnish to dry more, but then after going paddling on Sunday I'll have to do a much better cleaning and prep job before applying the last two coats, which I'd obviously like to avoid if I could.

So, what would y'all do?

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RE: Time between varnish and kayaking

Sorry, the varnish I'm using is the Interlux Schooner, not the Gold.  If it matters.

RE: Time between varnish and kayaking

I wouldnt put any more coats on.  Let what you have cure.  Go paddle sunday and get back to varnishing later on

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