Heat Gun questions

This is my second build, but I have yet to buy a heat gun.

Besides softening epoxy, what can they be used for in boat building?

Also, Harbor Freight has a dual temperature 1500 watt (572/1112 degrees) on sale for $7.99!  I am skeptical to say the least.  Anyone buy a heat gun from Harbor Freight?

Thanks for any help.



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RE: Heat Gun questions



  Please take that with a grain of something good. Just had it done to me recently and thought it was hilarious!

  Seriously, a couple of related applications are drying stain touch ups, nooks/crannies after wet sanding and heating wood before applying epoxy (to improve penetration.)


  Re. the low cost heater I certainly wouldn't leave it plugged in and unattended or expect it to last very long. That said..why not?

RE: Heat Gun questions

I haven't used the heat gun on my small boats for anything except removing the wires . . . but by far my largest use has been stripping varnish.  I've stripped all the exterior varnish off of TWO cruising boats with a heat gun before starting over with new varnish.  Way easier than chem. removers or all that sanding (although you still need to sand afterwords).



RE: Heat Gun questions

Thanks for the info.  I also work on furniture so the varnish removal will be great.


Anyone use it to make wood more pliable for tough bends?

Thanks again,



RE: Heat Gun questions

I have a cheap heat gun that I bought for my first build, a Great Auk. I used it for bending strips quite a bit, and have since found many more uses for it, including stripping old epoxy and varnish from the tiller on my sailboat. They're handy, and also inexpensive, since its really just a glorified hair dryer. 

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