Strip Deck for a 17 LT?

I'm about halfway through my first build(s), which is a pair of LT17's.  The problem is, I made the mistake of looking at some pics of strip built boats and I can't get those patterned decks out of my mind.  

I have one deck on (S&G okoume) but the second boat is still an opportunity to try a stripped (hybrid) deck.  If I take this on, how much time am I going to be adding to the project between cutting forms and strippingthe deck?  I would definitely try one of those Navajo-inspired patterns but that's TBD.  


How many feet of strip would be needed for an LT17 Deck only?

How much time am I in for?

Am I crazy?  Talk me out of it if I am!


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RE: Strip Deck for a 17 LT?

You are not crazy, and it is worth pursuing. Read Nick Schade's books first.  There you will find tables for calculating material needed, as well as lots of good ideas for a project that you will enjoy. Get a good quality low-angle block plane. Take your time - it will add 40 or 50 hours to your build. -Wes

RE: Strip Deck for a 17 LT?

One more thing. Be sure you are sitting down when you calculate the cost of the cedar strips. -Wes

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