Oxford Shell - Row Wing

I have an Annapolis Wherry. My son wants to build an Oxford Shell. I notice that there is a different (more expensive, natch) Row Wing for the Oxford Shell. What are the differences? Could I use the Row Wing I have in the shell, whether as-is or by or modifying something (boat or Row Wing) to make it work?

I've had the Wherry for about 6 years now and still love it . I use it several times a week for exercise. I built a Chesapeake 17LT which I also use regularly. Great boats!

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RE: Oxford Shell - Row Wing


It would appear the difference in price is due to the fit kit needed to adapt the row wing to the Oxford Shell. I'm guessing CLC could probably just sell you the fit kit to adapt your existing row wing to the shell?

RE: Oxford Shell - Row Wing

Thanks for the reply. I spoke with someone at CLC today and that is the case.

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