Denatured Alcohol

Should I be wiping down my wherry between coats of epoxy?  I haven't done this and am almost ready to begin painting/varnishing.  I suppose it's too late, but I'd love to know for future projects.  Thanks


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RE: Denatured Alcohol

I wiped epoxy on my Kaholo with DA.  But do not wipe with DA between varnish coats, it will remove the varnish!

RE: Denatured Alcohol

I wash epoxy with water and a 3M scrubber. This will remove dreade4d camine blush if there is any. No need to wipe with denatured.

RE: Denatured Alcohol

  I don't think it's a bad idea to wipe down epoxy with DA as a standard practice. No bad effects and the alcohol is a good solvent. I no longer use blushing epoxy and don't miss washing down a bit. Always worried about a drop of water hiding somewhere and messing up the new epoxy.


  Scott, you mentioned you were about to paint and varnish, a tack cloth will help with the varnish as a final wipe. Be careful not to use it on epoxy though, it leaves a residue not compatible with epoxy. HTH


RE: Denatured Alcohol

Thanks to everyone for all the help.  I'll check to see if my epoxy is non-blushing or not.  Is the scrubbing with water required only to remove the amine blush?  If the epoxy has been washed, presumbaly the next step is sanding to key the surface and then remove all traces of dust before continuing with subsequent coats of epoxy.  Is this correct? 

RE: Denatured Alcohol

Yes the purpose of washing with warm, soapy water is to remove the blush. If the epoxy is washed and is older than the mfrs recommended window for a chemical bond (usually 24 hours) you will need to lightly sand for more coats of epoxy. HTH


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