CLC Florida Road Trip

Calling all Floridians who love small wooden boats: We're bringing the "big rig" south on our annual swing through the Sunshine State with stops THIS WEEKEND on the Space Coast and in St. Petersburg, and next weekend in Miami. Check out the details here. Come try one of the boats, or bring your own to show off! We'd love to see you there.

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RE: CLC Florida Road Trip

Hi Nancy!  Thanks to CLC for coming to Florida.  Are you bringing push poles?  I'm planning on building the Northeaster kit beginning in May.  I'll be using it to fish for trout and reds around Merrit Island. I bet I'm not alone in wondering how well the boat can be poled in the shallows.  Are you planning on bringing a push pole or should I borrow one to bring?  Thanks! BTW, love the I ordered from you.  Great detail.

RE: CLC Florida Road Trip

Sorry, Steve, we don't have the massive expanse of shallow water flats they have in the gulf states, so we don't have push poles on hand. But if you bring one along, we'd love to see how it works. See you Saturday.

RE: CLC Florida Road Trip

How about swinging through Savannah on your way?


RE: CLC Florida Road Trip

Sounds like a plan Sandy.  Thanks again for driving all the way down and sharing your art!



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