Invisible hold downs - number of hooks?

I noticed in the instructions for invisible hold downs that two hooks per hatch are recommended.  It seems to me that on larger hatches (the rear hatches on a chesapeake 17) would possibly require four near the corners rather than 2, since there is a lot of circumference and therefor a lot of seal to compress.  

Since the bungee anchors inside the hull have two holes each, spaced apart, it would seem that this approach would be intended to have more than one hook per side - why not just one anchor point per side otherwise?

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RE: Invisible hold downs - number of hooks?

In my WD12 (whose hatch is comparable to the CH17), 2 hooks have been plenty. Four would make the hatch a real nuisance to open and close.

The 2 anchors per bungee cord are to allow the cord to be at the correct angle to properly tension the cords when engaging the hooks.

Speaking of tension, rather than using a knot to secure the bungee cord, try this. It lets you afjust the tension without tying or untying knots. (Click on the picture and scroll down to "Bungie Tensioner" for details)

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RE: Invisible hold downs - number of hooks?

Thanks Lazlo,

An elegant and simple solution.  It looks like the other part (where it's anchored to the hull) is a piece of drilled dowel, one side flattened.  Is this right?  

RE: Invisible hold downs - number of hooks?

+1 on Lazlo's response about the hooks. A hook on each side is somewhat of an annoyance when dealing with the hatch. 4 would probably be a PITA. And I like the tensioning gizmo and will have to give that a try. Thanks Lazlo for the idea. 

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