Passagemaker FWD bulkhead

Getting ready to set the fwd bulkhead.  Since it is a kit the pieces are pre-cut.

Sure looks like the bulkhead tilts forward...but the seat seems to only fit lengthwise with it moved forward.  Is this correct or just an allusion?



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RE: Passagemaker FWD bulkhead


On on PMD, I had similar issues except is was the aft bulkhead.  I would trust the pre-drilled holes and make it work there.  I adjusted my rear bulkhead about 0.5" and had to recut the seat to fit.  Dry fit with forward seat, and go with where is works best.  I ended up with a wide gap between the bow and forward seat, but epoxy fills all.


There is a PMD builder forum, but haven't seen much interest there lately.


RE: Passagemaker FWD bulkhead

Azucha is right. The bulkhead should be pretty vertical and there will be a large gap around the seat edges. The front of the seat will be about an inch and a half short of the transom. You will also have to take a bit off the mast step for the seat to fit flatter. If you take a straight edge and place it on the bulkhead beside the mast step and rest it about where the seat hits the bottom of the boat by the transom it should show to take off about a quarter inch at the forward mark going to nothing at the bulkhead. A block plane or rasp will take it off easily. 

George K

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