Kaholo SUP carry handle preference? 1 or 2

I'm starting my build for a 14 Kaholo and I've noticed many boards with one center carry handle and others with two carry handles mounted outboard.

I'm tryin to way the differences.  Center handle makes it less comfortable to lay on?  Two outboard?





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RE: Kaholo SUP carry handle preference? 1 or 2

I used recessed center handle, works well. 

RE: Kaholo SUP carry handle preference? 1 or 2

Are your arms long enough to reach the handlle on the otherside? The 2 handle approach requires you to use both arms therefore you will need to consider how you will carry your paddle at the same time. If you can drive right up to the water then this isn't a problem.

My preference is for centre mounted handles but placement is very important. I established a balance point but the addition of a 10" FG hatchet fin has thrown the balance out a bit.

Have a look at Dan Bright's board. He has used an extra long centre handle as do a number of reputable manufacturers. 

Not sure why you would want to lie down on the board unless you wanted to have a snooze so i think you need to worry about that issue.


RE: Kaholo SUP carry handle preference? 1 or 2

Good question about the handle. I move around a lot of boards at the kayak and SUP center where I work in addition to my Kaholo which gets car-topped and stored on a wall mount. 

I find the 24" strap handle I installed a fantastic solution to the many carrying and manuvering situations you may find yourself near, in and away from the water. And it presents no issue moving around or laying on the board.

But if you have already committed to single handles and don't have the reinforcements installed to accomodate the location of a 24" strap handle then this is rather a moot point.

A recessed center handle would be the next best option.

RE: Kaholo SUP carry handle preference? 1 or 2

Here's a look at where I installed the reinfrocement blocks for the 24" strap. Measured 12" for and aft of center. I think I got the strap from Surftech. Installed with 4 screws/washers.


RE: Kaholo SUP carry handle preference? 1 or 2

I went with two outboard. I also thought single handle in middle would be uncomfortable laying on it, I haven't found I spend much time laying down so either would have worked for me. What I like about two handles is .... I carry my board on my head so two handles are a must for this. There is little "sail effect" when it is windy out, compared to carring it side ways to the wind. If you mount handles outboards make sure you mount them far enough in so your paddle doesn't hit them. I know the paddle shouldn't be that close to side of board but every once in awhile it catches on my handles, they only stick out 1/4 to 1/2 inch but that's all it takes. 


RE: Kaholo SUP carry handle preference? 1 or 2

I installed a centerline hand hole which works great.  My build is the older structural design without a centerline stringer.  I carved a male plug, coated it with wax and layed up fiberglass around the plug.  I ended up with a fiberglass hand hold fixture.  The plug has a negative draft, slope to the sides, so had to be made in sections so that it could be removed from the fiberglass cast around it.  The sides slope in such a direction that your had does not slip out.  The process was involved but to me was great fun.  

RE: Kaholo SUP carry handle preference? 1 or 2

Thanks everyone for the informative replies.  I'm leaning toward a single handle at this point.  I just started construction so I have time to stick with a single small handle or the extended version like Dans.  I'm already stealing his recessed leash plug idea, so why not his handle decision.


Thanks all.

RE: Kaholo SUP carry handle preference? 1 or 2


Just so you know, I was able to do the recessed leash plug as a result of installing a single fin box (and the internal reinforcement block I created to recieve that) rather than the fixed twin fin that comes with the kit.

If you choose to go the single fin/fin box route let me know and I can pass on some ideas and pics on that. ([email protected])

I imagine that if you just want to add a recessed leash plug you could epoxy a larger block of wood to the underside of your deck ply.




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