Varnish interior of kayak?

As the title states... What is the prevailing practice on finishing the inside of a kayak cockpit? Is it worth the trouble to varnish inside there? 

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RE: Varnish interior of kayak?

It doesn't have to be fancy, but even a single coat of varnish slapped on quickly will really dress up the interior. My preference, though, is paint. -Wes

RE: Varnish interior of kayak?

In building several kayaks, I decided to make sure I had UV protection of the cockpit area, inside.  I sanded the epoxy inside fairly good, but not perfect, like your deck.  I laid 2 coats of varnish down to the pegs...

When you friends are admiring you efforts they will eventually look into the cockpit..

RE: Varnish interior of kayak?

This is a timely topic for me.  I've decided to paint my interior white.  Just put on a coat of Pre-Kote.  Is the usual recommendation one or two coats of primer?  I didn't put fill coats on the interior glass because I want to take advantage of the slight nonskid benefit.  I'll eventually put on a couple of coats of white Brightside. 

While we're on the subject, did you apply one or two coats of primer on your hull, Wes?


RE: Varnish interior of kayak?

In response to Dave's question, I applied two coats of Pre-Kote primer. The first coat I laid on thick, then sanded most of it off, filling more dings and hollows than anyone would think possible. The second coat I spread thin and sanded only lightly. You can see photos and descriptions at Scroll down to the October 3 & 4 posts.

For the inside, I used only one thin coat of primer, followed by two coats of Brightside. It's not necessary to fill the weave or do much sanding inside. It's extra work and just makes the surface slippery.

I am a strong advocate of painting plywood hulls of hybrid boats because the paint really sets off the varnished cedar strips, while plywood grain looks bland by comparison.


RE: Varnish interior of kayak?

Thanks for all the quick replies. You've confirmed basically what I've been thinking in that the interior deserves a little bit of dress/protection but not to the insane level I've been shooting for on the exterior. I think my plan will be to do little light sanding and then 2 or three coats of varnish. 

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