About to Assemble Trailex Trailer

Either this weekend or next...anyone out there already done this?  Is there anything in particular you would have liked to know before starting?  How long did the assembly take?  As always, any input would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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RE: About to Assemble Trailex Trailer

Trailex trailers are pretty easy to assemble considering the instructions appear to have been translated from Swahile to Greek to English. There are a couple of steps that should be done before others but aren't put in that order and you'll find those when you get to those parts. I only had to take part of mine apart twice. It was a couple of years ago and I can't remember all the details but I do remember the tie downs not being mentioned when it would have been handy to put them in. That being said, they really aren't that difficult to assemble and the instructions may have been updated since I bought mine. It took about three hours but I wasn't in a hurry. If you throw in a few beers it could possibly take a day. They are great trailers once assembled and I'll get another for my next boat.

George K

RE: About to Assemble Trailex Trailer

"As always, any input would be greatly appreciated."

Putting Loreena McKennett on the stereo always helps.

RE: About to Assemble Trailex Trailer

I assembled mine in the living room while my wife was out of town. Getting the assembled trailer out was easier than getting the three boxes in - just tilt it and roll it out the front door.

Difficulties - missing screws for the tail lights, getting the full torque on the lug nuts. The latter was because the trailer was so light that the torque wrench spun the wheel.

Everything else went fine. The instructions were clear, it came with a nicely illustrated manual in pdf file format (nothing printed).

Just do it, it'll be fine.


PS - Loreena would fall off my stereo if I put her on it.




RE: About to Assemble Trailex Trailer

I thought this might be usable trailer for my 11' V-bottom until I think it said it was aluminum!  Nice and light, but how are you going to tow it and keep it on the road--considering the condition of most of our highways, and how everyone has the pedal to the metal.  I am sure it will occasionlly make contact with the cement.  The price is a few hundred dollars more then a good old galvinized one at my local sport/hunting dealer

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