Passagemaker Lug Rig Mast Support?

Please bear with me my first photo post attempt.

PM is going well except have a concern regarding the Lug Rig Mast Support that was sent.  The drawings show the support 90 degrees to the fwd bulkhead. It is pretty obvious the blocks are cut at the incorrect angle. I think it might be for a different boat like the eastport pram?  Should I just cut new angles?

The rear is obviously too high

Thanks for any input

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RE: Passagemaker Lug Rig Mast Support?

Here is a pic of the lug mast step I built two years ago. Yours appears to be slightly different. So, you might be right that you received the wrong step. Or else John Harris refined the step a little... perhaps in order to keep some space between the mast and bulkhead.

Is it possible that your entire hull is leaning a bit forward and therefore your verticals are not plumb making it appear as though the back end of the step is too high?

I would definitely call CLC to check on this. The difference in the top plate of the step might be an indicator.

Hope this helps.

There are lots of pics on my PMD blog of the building process of the PDM lug rig.

RE: Passagemaker Lug Rig Mast Support?

Thanks for your response.  I have measured multiple times before setting the bulkhead and it is  the the correct distance using measurements provided in the instructions drawings.  Since it is a kit it also aligned with the pre-drilled wire holes etc. My only change is I decided not to make it a take apart so I used the extra fwd bulkhead as a doubler which did not change the measurements or angle of the bulkhead.  Sure did stiffen her though!

I have built a prototype of the side blocks which aligns the step 90 degrees to the bulkhead.  I can use the supplied blocks but will have to cut the top to a different angle which will lower the rear or I will cut new ones.

This is my sixth build.. but unlike canoes, kayaks the extreme bow and stern rise makes it difficult to get a visual of what is plum :)




RE: Passagemaker Lug Rig Mast Support?

Thanks Chris! I tamed the beast! Was able to drop the upper angel approx 1/8 in and fell into place.  Temp. screws but now I can move on.  I raised the bow up so boat sits properly and things lined up nicely.  Time to move on :)


RE: Passagemaker Lug Rig Mast Support?

Mystery solved!

All that time making the step fit and it was not me this time!

Received sail kit which included another lug rig mast step conversion.

The new step fits perfectly!  It appears the step was for another boat possibly the East Port pram.

I am going to use the correct one that came with the kit rather than the one I had I ordered seperatly. Onward and upward I go!

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