How do you repair a damaged hull?

I have built a CLC Mill Creek 16.5 kayak using marine ply coated with fibreglass and epoxy resin.

Last week I crashed the boat against some rocks and I have now a one-inch-long ( 25mm ) on a chine about amidships. It lets in water slowly. The break is narrow but the impact mashed the timber some.

I'm asking for suggestions from learned forum members as to how the break might be repaired.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Kevin the Ozzie in Australia.

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RE: How do you repair a damaged hull?

You're missing a very important noun.. Crack? Hole? Gouge?

it would also help to know whether this happened along a seam (I.e. a broken fillet) or in the middle of a panel.

RE: How do you repair a damaged hull?

I goofed. The missing noun is 'crack'. The clause ought to have been

". . . I have now a one-inch-long crack on a chine about amidships."

And yes, the internal fillet is broken. The damaged area is on the seam where the bilge panel joins the bottom panel. The crack continues across into each panel, about half-an-inch each way.

Again, I'm looking forward to receiving comments and suggestions.

Happy sailing,

Kevin the Ozz.


RE: How do you repair a damaged hull?

Basic repair:

1. Route out the crack inside and out does not have to be real deep just into clean material.

2. Fill with thicken resin use wood flour or Cell-O-Fill

3. If strucktural damage you may want to add fiberglass cloth to stiffen the area. (Inside will feather better over the fillet

4. Sand and feather coat with resin then paint/varnish.


Good as new!




RE: How do you repair a damaged hull?

Thanks Dave. That's the way I'll go.


Kevin the Ozz

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