Building wood duck 12 hybrid from plans

Is it best to scarf joint plywood sheets before cutting out patterns, or should you cut patterns out first and than glue up scarf joints?

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RE: Building wood duck 12 hybrid from plans

If you must scarf, always do it first, as it is easy to misalign the panels when gluing them up.

You can save yourself a lot of grief, however, if you simply butt join the panels after cutting. The joint won't be as strong, but it will be plenty strong enough.

For detailed description and photos see how my daughter and I did it on her Ganymede at:


RE: Building wood duck 12 hybrid from plans

Thanks for your help

RE: Building wood duck 12 hybrid from plans

  I'll add that space may be a consideration here, not enough room in my shop to scarf two full sheets and marking/cutting can be awkward as well. Also consider your patterns are in two pieces so care with alignment will be an issue whichever method you choose. Choose a method that works best for you, be careful and all will be well.

  The method I used without any trouble was tracing the patterns onto a wood work table and after cutting the scarfs placing the sections on the marks and screwing them to the table. leaving enough room to work the joint. Apply tape to protect the finished surfaces from the thickened epoxy, use plastic to isolate the work table and both joints from each other and epoxy both at the same time.

  As Wes pointed out the butt joint will save a lot of time and if done properly is stronger than the wood it joins. Whichever you choose don't forget to adjust the pattern length accordingly.


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