Camping with a NE Dory

Has anyone given thought to getting a flat flooring a NE.


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RE: Camping with a NE Dory

   im looking at the ne dory too, my thought is a 4 piece floorbard slotted for the first seat and cut to fit in the sterrn. fold it up out of the way when running drop it down and set up a 1 man tent on top

RE: Camping with a NE Dory

   I doubt I'll be camping in my dory but I do want to be able to take a medium size cooler and not have to put it in the middle compartments so I ordered a 2' by 4' piece of 9MM plywood to make a floorboard in the foreward compartment, providing a slightly larger flat area in that compartment.  I also ordered some of the wood strips used in the dory to hold up the thwart seat boards.  This new floorboard will sit on top of the mast step, and I will cut pieces to support the new decking around the outside.

It also will allow a person to step into the boat in that new flat area more easily. 

John (CLC John) even commented that putting that floorboard there would allow a person to add more floatation underneath it  in an area that would contribute to more floation if swamped.  If you're not concerned about floatation, a person could use the area under the floorboard for storage with sleeved access ports, or hinge the deck board

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