Change of plans

Well, after looking things over and a lot of self examination (and recalling my propensity for attracting Murphy's Law at the worst possible moments), I decided to change my plan of action.  Originally I wanted two nice SW17s for me n the missus (see the Ready to get started-How much plywood do I need, thread), but I kept having this nagging doubt in the back of my feeble mind that building two from plans and trying to gather all the material and supplies was just more than I wanted to take on right now and I was starting to stress out over it.  phooey!  And there just ain't enough wiggle room in the budget to buy two kits.

The new plan is to buy the complete kit for a Chessie double so I can be reasonably assure of completing the thing before my wife joins me in Maine.  Now I'm relaxed, knowing all I have to gather is gloves and brushes, cups, etc. (and a plane).  She's happy because I'll be in the boat with her and I'm pleased that there'll still be more than enough cargo capacity to haul a weekend's worth of gear (700lbs incl. two paddlers at roughly 310.  Yeah bring the cast iron pans!).  And of course, if Mama's happy, everyone's happy.  :)


So...who has a Chessie double or any double for that matter.  Intested in hearing from anyone who has been out in em, camped or cruised, etc.

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RE: Change of plans

UPDATE:  I found Spotty and a couple others who built Ches doubles.  Enjoying reading their build and launch posts.

RE: Change of plans

Just a few days ago you stated, "I don't want a tandem".  Trust your first instinct. Why don't you rent a double this year and see how you like it.  Doubles aren't for everyone.  And if you find that you don't like staring at the back of your brides head and constantly having to ask her to repeat herself cuz you can't hear what she's saying, you can save your money and build two singles next year.  Personally, I've found that two people in a kayak is like two people on a motorcycle...unnatural.

RE: Change of plans

Yeah, I know John.  I DO want a S**t Hot ride (that's still stable enough for a beginner) and the SWs look like they deliver.  But...marriage IS about compromise and the Ches double is a very reasonable one that will get us both on the water together, which is the whole point of two cockpits.  

I've paddled tandem before and it DOES take some adjustments and I have every confidence that we can both handle that challenge since we do work very well together.  Plus the durned double will have almost 400 lbs of cargo allowance AFTER our weights (320ish) are deducted.  That was another biggie and we DO plan to do some camping in it.

Also right now time in the shop is at a premium and I'm looking at a lifestyle change this summer that may amend that.  If all goes well, I may be building a couple strippers (or hybrids) for next year.

RE: Change of plans

When I first told my wife I was going to build kayaks her very first words were, "I get my own, don't I?" And yes, she did. Husbands and wives may not be the best thing in a tandem but I've seen it work. Once.

Maine Ex, did you notice you guys gained 10 pounds between your first and last post?

George K


RE: Change of plans

We have three plastic kayaks, two pungos and a 17ft double. My wife and I almost always use the double, we don't have a problem talking or paddling together. No  arguments either but we are used to boating together, we race our mariner sailboat at our club as a team and used to race our flying scot also. We have four kids and have for the most part always been on the same page, just lucky I guess. As a matter of fact she said if I were to ever build a wooden kayak it would have to be a double.

RE: Change of plans

We need to hit the gym, George.  LOL  But together we do run about 300-320.

I still want to build solo kayaks for both of us, but maybe it will turn out like you and your missus, T and we'll just always want to go double.  We DO make a good team.  We'll see how it goes this summer.

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