OkoumeFest: Thanks! + Recap & Photos

Another great OkoumeFest last week.  Many thanks to all who attended one or both days.

A complete recap, with photos, is here.

The WaterTribe OkoumeFest Ultra Marathon was a big success. The full story on that is here.

See you next year!

Boatie-minded throngs

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RE: OkoumeFest: Thanks! + Recap & Photos

Thanks to you John. And your great staff who worked their butts off as usual!


RE: OkoumeFest: Thanks! + Recap & Photos

Another superb event!!!...and wonderful pictures!

A big Thank You to the entire CLC staff for the herculean effort. Some of the efforts are in plain view but much of it is unseen by us participants because everything always runs so smoothly.

I am happy to say that my boss now wants to build two 14' Wood Ducks together with his son. I know they'll love the project. He's going to sign up for the upcoming Michigan boat building week. It is a good feeling when you can recommend a company so enthusiastically and without any reservations.

Personal O-Fest high-lights were the presence of several beautiful micoBootleggers, Dan Thaler's wonderful Petrel, the new S&G Petrel and Petrel Play, Dudley Dix's Paperjets and Nick's new canoe design. Hope to see Joey's Petrel in the water next time.

After the Passagemaker, a Hybrid Night Heron and Hybrid Shearwater Sport, my next build (finally) will be the Petrel (strip)... the wheels are already turning in anticipation.

Thank you, John and the entire CLC staff!


RE: OkoumeFest: Thanks! + Recap & Photos

Great photos but I don't see a Peeler skiff in any?

RE: OkoumeFest: Thanks! + Recap & Photos

No Peeler because no motorboats allowed on the beach at Matapeake!

RE: OkoumeFest: Thanks! + Recap & Photos

What a wonderful way to spend the day. My wife and I enjoyed our first Okoumefest. Which I'm sure won't be our last. Our high light of the day was just being around so many great looking boats. I am in awe of some of the great ideas  builders have. I spend most of my time looking at details only a builder would look at. Thanks to everyone there for a great experience. William "RED" and Kat Deslatte.

 P.S. a shout out to the boys that helped us with our boats.

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