MAS epoxy question

I recently finished a CLC Chesapeake 17LT in the Annopolis location with the class this past month which ended 5/25.  When I left to go home with my boat the epoxy was dry and I thought everything was fine.  Yesterday I went to cut out the hatch openings and notice the epoxy was tacky.  There is only 1 coat of glass/epoxy on the boat.  Does humidity and moisture (it had rained yesterday) cause cured epoxy to get tacky prior to coating with vanish or paint?

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RE: MAS epoxy question

You may not have throughly mixed your epoxy. It should be rock hard by now regardless of conditions. My suggestion would be to scrub it real good with water and a stiff brush, sand lightly then wipe it down. Mix a new batch of epoxy and coat. Hopefully the new layer will tighten up the original with out turning 'milky'. May want to do a test spot first. I mix epoxy for a full 2 minutes and knock on wood, have yet to have a batch turn on me.


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