Paint over epoxy question?

I have read every post on this topic. I understand why people here say paint over epoxy.  I also can see benefit to epoxy over paint to keep the scratches from showing through. Ive been researching foam boards and its very common to paint first. Ive also seen alot of pictures of wood boards painted first then epoxy with amazing results. Can someone fill the missing link here? Thanks 

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RE: Paint over epoxy question?

Epoxy will probably adhere to most paints, but it forms a stronger bond to wood than paint does, so epoxy first, and then paint is a more durable finish. Epoxy will also degrade and deteriorate in the sun if it isn't covered with paint, or a varnish that contains a UV blocker. But I'm curious: What "amazing results" have seen with epoxy applied over paint? Can you post links to those pictures?

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RE: Paint over epoxy question?

I do understand all the reasons why the rule is epoxy first then paint. would it be possible to epoxy, paint, then clear varnish? my main reason for concern is i can see the paint being easily scratched where if there was some kind of clear coat over it it would be more durable.  The link is below to some of the painted wood boards ive seen. Thanks

RE: Paint over epoxy question?

Macedonia64, your link includes many, many photos, and I'm not sure which ones I should be looking at. Regarding your question, I don't think adding coats of clear varnish over paint would prevent scratches from penetrating the paint as well as just adding additional layers of the same paint.

If it's a graphic image you want to protect, you could print it on rice paper, and apply that to bare wood with epoxy, and then cover it with 4 oz fiberglass and more epoxy. That would really protect it. There might even be a Shop Tips that covers doing that. I know there is one about applying decorative fabrics with epoxy.

If you want a solid color and don't want to be touching up scratches, you could use a nearly opaque water-based wood dye instead of paint, with fiberglass and epoxy, and then varnigh over that.

I hope at least one of these comments will be helpful. Hopefully someone else will be ablt to do better ...

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RE: Paint over epoxy question?

Thanks for the reply. Im sorry that link was a bit vague.  The boards I was curious about were the ones in the album called Newest Batch. The red and yellow painted sides are the brightest ive seen and seem to be under epoxy but I guess I dont know that for sure? Also I like how the transition from paint to raw wood doesnt need to be covered with a vinyl pin stripe.  Any thoughts on how that is accomplished?   Could he possibly be using an epoxy with a UV protectant so there is no need for varnish?  I did send him a message asking some of these questions but i havent heard back. 


The wood dye you suggest may be a good alternative. Is the Solar-Lux Stain that clc sells what your refering too?  Thanks again for the info. 

RE: Paint over epoxy question?

There are also tinted stains that are best applied prior to glassing and what color and how many coats of stain are applied before glassing can make the stain darker. This should not affect the bonding of the glass to the wood.

There are also dyes for epoxy, Resin Fillers, sort of like wood flour.

How Can I Dye Fiber Glass

I do not think I would glass over paint. If water should ever get into the wood it is possible that the paint under the epoxy could bubble and cause a bubble in the glass.


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