Finally finished

Its been a lengthy process, many evenings , countless hours stolen away here and there but my chesapeake 17 is finally finished. its been a real learning curve, especially working with epoxy and paints, knowing their cure time, mixing ratio, preparation of surfaces e.t.c. 

There are a few regrets, some hasty desicions I wish I never had made but all in all at the day its a kayak I've patched together myself from a set of plans. 

  • I think its important to remember why you're building one of these boats. For me its a vessel to get me out to into the wild, to places others cant reach by foot. A chance to escape and feel free. Of course when you invest so much time in a personal project you want it to be perfect, free of imperfections, something you can show off or that can turn heads.

But the real pleasure about building one of these things is the fact that it will get you out on the water. It will get off the fast land and away from all those everyday worries we all have.


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RE: Finally finished

Well said Harry. You're going to get requests for pictures of your boat here and that's fine but I don't need to see it to know it's a great boat, well built and well loved. What you've said here is all I need to know about your kayak. Paddle far and wide. SEEYA Jack

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