Anyone used padauk for strips?

  Hi all,

  I'm starting another WD12H and found some beautiful wood I've never heard of, padauk. This stuff has very nice color and grain but a sheen to it that makes me think it may be too oily for the epoxy to stick to. Not much info online about adhesion. Does anyone out there have any experience with it?

  Thanks, Bob.

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RE: Anyone used padauk for strips?

These guys did:



RE: Anyone used padauk for strips?

I used some reclaimed padauk on my stripper three years ago and have had no problems.

RE: Anyone used padauk for strips?

Padauk is very nice stuff but there are different species which act differently (I/ve used them myself).  African Padauk is the commonest available, bright tomato red when freshly cut or sanded but UV rays will turn that red to brown.

Andaman Padauk is less red but easy to work and glue, and holds its color better. Hard to find, however.  The British Railway used to use this for the interior of railway cars.

Burmese Padauk (also available in veneer as Narra) ranges from red-brown to red, holds its color well, but is heavy and extremely stiff.  This stuff needs a wipe with acetone prior to gluing, and should be left in clamps for a good 24 hours.  I've glued up joints with TBII and although the surface glue was hard, the interior glue was still wet.  I found that out when the joint fell apart.  This species is also very hard to find these days.  I used to be able to pick it up for $2.75/bd.ft, but those days are long gone.  Much of the so-called "rosewood" furniture from Southeast Asia and China is actually made from this.

Any of these would be beautiful, of course.  I would go with African of Andaman just for the weight factor and ease of gluing.

RE: Anyone used padauk for strips?

  Thanks everyone for the replies, I'm feeling much better about using this wood. Peter I will check the species but I'm guessing it's African because it feels surprisingly light for the density of the grain pattern and texture of the surface. I don't plan to strip the entire deck with it but it will be an awesome contrast to cedar and mahogany. I'll post some pics later.

  This forum is a gem!

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