Kaholo 12.5 Deck Plate Question

First time builder here . . .

The manual suggested that you install a deck plate between the 2nd and 3rd bulkheads which would result in you having to cut through the center stringer. To me it seems more logical to install it between the 1st and 2nd bulkheads where there isn't the center stringer. Is this right or am I missing something?  


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RE: Kaholo 12.5 Deck Plate Question

Hey.  Are you positive your center stringer goes that far forward?  I have the 14 foot Kaholo and the location for the deck plate is just in front of the center stringer.  It was close but I did not cut it.  I even installed a 6 inch deck plate and not the suggested four inch.  I double checked the building instruction book and it states the deck plate for the 12-6 board should be 35 and1/8 inches back from the nose (to the center of the deck plate).  Double check that you are using the 12-6 measurement and not the 14 foot measurement.  Also, I have seen several different placements for deck plates in the picutres on the Kaholo page.  Good luck!


RE: Kaholo 12.5 Deck Plate Question

Thanks Chad and you are right about what the directions say but the reality is that stringers don't go as far back as the illustrated and go further forward that shown. (There weren't slots cut in the 9th bulkhead to allow for the stringer to go that far back.)  

RE: Kaholo 12.5 Deck Plate Question

What was the final outcome?  Did you have to make the cut...  I am just starting a Kaholo.  In Hudson FL

RE: Kaholo 12.5 Deck Plate Question

I am probably still a couple weeks away from making any such cuts but right now I am leaning towards putting in the stern of the paddleboard.  

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