Orange Peel

I'm using the Interlux Brightsides paint over Prekote primer on my hull.  I sanded the primer per instructions but apparently left some of the orange peel texture in place.  This stuff seemed to dry too fast to be able to tip out the bumps - much faster tacking up than the varnish.  Now I have one coat of the brightsides on there, and it looks like the orange peel is going it's going to show through somewhat. 


1. Is now the time to sand it down smooth, or will the Brightsides paint fill any of the orange peel texture?  If I do that

2. I will want to drop the grit to 150 rather than wasting my time on 220; any reason not to do that?  

3. If I do resand with 150 do I need to follow up with 220 grit?

4. Any other tricks I should be considering, such as another coat of primer over 1 coat of brightsides?



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RE: Orange Peel

Brightsides doesn't seem to hide any surface imperfections, so it's best to make sure everything is very very smooth before you start applying it. As far as the sanding grits to use at this point, I would follow the recommendations for your primer, but I would do a final sanding with at least 220 grit before applying more Brightsides.

Old Yeller 

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