chester yawl plank alignments...

hi -

 building the chest yawl kit and have run into a problem - when trying to align and stitch together the first two planks: the #1 forward bow section along the  to most definitely does not seem to marry anywhere near properly with the bottom of the next #2 bow plank, on either side.

Has anyone else experienced this? I am missing something, going about it incorrectly? I mean the gap to pull together is way too large, and one i can hardly imagine intended. Could this simply be a machine cut error ( on either #1 or #2 )?

Any advice appreciated-




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RE: chester yawl plank alignments...

I built the Annapolis wherry this past summer, which is similar in construction to the Cester yawl. I too noticed that the initial planks didn't marry up to well during the initial plank sew-up. I continued with the process, figuring if it wasn't going well by the end I would just cut the wires and start all over if I was doing something wrong. (Alot of wasted copper wire would be encountered). But I found that after the whole thing was wired loosely together, the planks lined up much better. I wasn't sure if this was the problem you were encountering, but figured I fill you in on my experiance just in case.

RE: chester yawl plank alignments...

Thanks for the reply Ricks-

I would say that your experience applies to my situation in that most of the planks seem to line up anywhere from so-so to OK to good. But the top of plank #1 at the bow, as it is intended to marry / receive the bottom of plank #2 at the bow, just seems whack. And it seemed whack prior to any glueing up of the strakes: the front 20" inches or so just veer off counter to one another. ITs hard to explain, but the top of plank #1 as it curves to the very front of the bow actually takes a longish concave dip down then a short curl up, while the arch of the matching plank #2 has a continuous, albeit slight, convex shape. I don't get it and have sent an email to the tech folks here at CLC.

 Anyway, I really appreciate your reply and thank you for your time ( i am certainly wasting a lot of mine, as well as copper wire )

best, peter 



RE: chester yawl plank alignments...

Just looking at the kit contents, the #1 and #2 bow planks definatetly should marry very closely to each other. Are you sure of your configuration?

RE: chester yawl plank alignments...


I built a Chester Yawl last winter and also had trouble at this stage. Don't get frustrated at this stage ( I was ready to start trimming planks with a chain saw ) It will go together.

I stiched and took apart several times but once I broke away from the directions it all started to come together. The directions call for stitching the bow together while all 12 planks are loosely stiched. I found no way for that to happen.

I stiched the two #1 palnks together and left the forward couple inches not connected. Leave them flopped open like 2 pieces of bread for a sandwich. Then 1 stiched in the #2 planks loose. At this point I was able to get the bow together and stiched clamped tight.

At this point I used the bow as the referrence and each plank was added one at a time- port side #3 and then starboard #3. Always clamping/stiching at the bow and working aft. Now this is a 2 person job since the entire length of the plank needs to be supported while you work. Some of the planks absolutely need to be muscled into place but now you have the leverage you need. Here is where you'll realize the strength of the scarf joint.! As you leverage each plank into place and stich a bit tighter your beautiful boat will appear.

Once stiched tight as can be, you'll flip it upside down. I "spot welded" the entire lenghth of all the joints and let cure fully before removing the wire. If you don't mind looking like a pansie go to Michael's Craft store Cake decorating dept. They sell Plastic squeeze bottles (frosting decorators) with a nozzle that is perfect for laying in the epoxy along your plank joints.

Good Luck


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