Ratchet straps versus Spectra - sailrig fastenings...

I've heard some use nylon straps with the little ratchet mechanism to tighten the akas to the eyebolts. Others use a simple slip not with Spectra.  Now Inhave used the nylon straps with ratchet but quite alarmingly one if them loosened and the forward aka begin hoping up and down. All was saved and I reset it but Im still unclear how this happened.


thanks in advance for any advice one way or the other. I want to keep using ratchet straps but Id feel better knowing why it happened.



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RE: Ratchet straps versus Spectra - sailrig fastenings...

Ratchet straps depend on tension to hold them in place. Lose the tension and the straps come loose.

I had something similar happen with my schooner on its trailer. The first I knew was when in the rearview mirror I saw the boat starting to turn sideways. The boat had been able to slip back and the straps were oriented so that the slippage loosened their tension. I reoriented the straps and never had the problem again.

The boat was able to slip front to back. The straps were originally oriented diagonally front to back. Changing them to a straight left-right orientation fixed the problem. Any front to back slip was directly across the straps, not aligned with them. Also, the left strap pulled the right strap tight and vice versa.

So just arrange your straps to always maintain tension and you'll be fine. Don't forget to keep the moving parts clean and lubricated.


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