outboard on dinghy?

i was thinking of building the eastport  pram and using it on my sailboat, instead of the rollup rubber dinghy i am now using.  I want to use my honda 2.5, 4 stoke outboard on occasion, it weights 29 lbs'', can the transom on the eastport support the weight.

thanks RonE (owner of 2 CLC 17kayaks)

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RE: outboard on dinghy?

Are you referring to the new Honda 2.3? If so, you'll be fine. It's the same as the Honda 2, just with a slightly larger fuel tank and new cowl shape. I just finished our Eastport Nesting Pram and tested it yesterday with a Honda 2 for the first time. The motor seems to be a good match for the boat; at 29 lb, it's definitely not too heavy on the transom. We got this kit as a tender for our 30' sailboat and while we haven't towed it yet, it's looking like it will prove to be the perfect dinghy for us. Nested, it will fit perfectly on the cabin top, upside down. Warning: everyone in the marina will stop you to ask questions about this "pretty boat".

CLC Eastport Nester

RE: outboard on dinghy?

I apparently linked to the wrong picture; here's the one with the Hondainstalled

RE: outboard on dinghy?

We use the Torqeedo on ours. It weighs in at 29lbs and the boat has no problems with it.  I don't think you'll have any issues with that motor fitting the pram. It makes a great tender, is easy to row and I will have to say, sails much better than you would expect. 



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