Petrel Launch

My friends insisted name it. Went through lots of very bad names and then remembered that I used to come in every day after working on this cedar stripped Petrel and grab a pair of tweezers. 

I named it "Splinter."

I put a traditional cockpit combing. To do it, I resawed some old maple and then basically custom built a laminated combing. It took me three days. When I got done, I didn't like the look of it, and remembered I had a bit of old birdseye maple laying around. That became the top layer.

I have to be honest and say I had lots of problems. There were several false starts and mistakes. The problem with a project like this is that, when you get done, you finally know how to do it.

That said, my friends look at it and say, "Your're not going to put that in the water, are you?"

Yesterday I did. It was stable, fast and dry. 

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Photos of Petrel build and first paddle

For what it's worth, I've assembled a gallery of photos of the build and first paddle at:!i=2726250714&k=9hLFqvX

RE: Petrel Launch

"stable, fast and dry..."

AND, absolutely beautiful. Nice job!

RE: Petrel Launch

Looks great...enjoy the complements and paddling!

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