Los tres amigos

My three grandsons, Noah, Taylor and Julio, all in their own Wood Ducklings that I built for them:



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RE: Los tres amigos

Picture was taken last week on Squam Lake, NH, where "On Golden Pond" was filmed.

RE: Los tres amigos

Wow, they are great, you must be very proud.  Nice boats too.

RE: Los tres amigos

Jim, looks to me like you're shamelessly seeking to gain unfair advantage in the competition for "Best Grampa Ever." Good looking crew, good looking boats, great picture, thanks for sharing it. 

RE: Los tres amigos

Thanks, Nancy. I say, what's a grandpa for, if not to spoil the little kids rotten. My hope is that they will grow to love boating so much that when they outgrow their Ducklings they will want to choose boats of their own to build, and I'll be able to help them. But in the meantime, it is HUGE fun to be out on the water with them. By the way, these kids, from L to R, are 8, 6 and 7 years old.

RE: Los tres amigos

Best post of the year? Well, it's only August, but...

(This link was so good I sent it to the Boatwife.)

RE: Los tres amigos


You may also be up for a prize for being the most proflific duck hatcher. When you have those 3 guys out in their boats, has anyone every asked you where you rented them?


You're still alive! We've missed you (and the latin). How's the Sharpie going?



RE: Los tres amigos

Rented what -- the guys or the boats? Actually, neither. But they (both the guys and the boats) do get lots of oohs and aahhs, and I confess I kinda like that.

Speaking of duck hatching, Laszlo, I'm beginning to consider the notion of starting with plans for a WD12 hybrid, but putting radii in the corners of the hull forms and making the whole thing of strips. I think it'd be kinda cool.

Alternatively, starting with the hull forms I already have from the two Wee Lassies I built years ago, and designing a nice deck to complement that design.

Any thoughts?

The neighbors already think I'm a little boat-headed when they see all seven craft in the family fleet out in the driveway at once. So one more won't do anything to damage my already splintered reputation...


RE: Los tres amigos

Warning, long boring and unproductive post.

Hey Laszlo, two foot artist, assorted other oldtimers, and all you lucky builders and dreamers who have found this great community.  I am (as someone has just indiscreetly revealed) the slowest living CLC builder alive, partly owing to the fact that my chosen kayak design turns out to be one with a lot of luxury features that require years of careful contemplation prior to commiting epoxy Part A to Part B. (Tip: If you are building John's Sharpie, note that the two vertical paddle holder holes shown in the prints are apparently known to the experts as "mast steps", and to take full advantage of them will require the fabrication of numerous accessories, some of them longer than the whole boat. Certain of the highly recommended components are best made out of a subspecies of okoume called "Dacron".  As I learn more I will keep you abreast.)

It was decided that I needed to change jobs in April, from "making a living" to "submitting resumes to anonymous websites".  Many of you can relate, and now I am so sorry for all of the LinkedIn emails I've ignored over the years...I honestly thought LinkedIn was a Canadian supplier of discount pharmaceuticals with embarrasing TV commercials.  (This last is a deliberate provocation to one of the aforementioned contributors...I just worry that the grizzlies or the Mounties may've got you, Pruden)

What a fresh perspective this has given me on the project!  I used to think, "wouldn't she look great with balanced lug rigs fore and aft?". Now I worry about whether we can fit a king size bed and a Coleman stove in the for'd compartment without affecting her pointing ability.  If it comes to that, the Boatwife will want to decorate her, which I must admit would probably lead to good things.  Harris will beg me to give him a marketing agreement for "Kate's Sharpie".

L, you haven't changed a bit. You are the now the Kurt.

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