An excursion with my grandson

I went kayaking with Julio yesterday, just a 7-year-old boy and his grandpa, more than 10 times his age. I never dreamed when I started building his kayak that it would bring me such amazing happiness to see how he grows into it. Each time out on the water, his sense of adventure, his inquisitiveness, his confidence and his sense of himself and his place in the world seem to grow boundle...ssly. Today, he "discovered" his own island. I told him about the historical precedent for explorers naming their discoveries after themselves, so Julioland is now on the family map. On another island, obviously previously discovered, he explored the chimney and foundation of an old house. He returned to the shore to report finding a lot of broken wine bottles within the outline of the foundation. "I guess some people don't care about the earth," he said. Here's a picture of Julio determinedly paddling off to Julioland.
A happy boy among the lily pads:

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RE: An excursion with my grandson

You have discovered what life really is all about. You have touched the future far beyond yourself.

RE: An excursion with my grandson

  Thanks Jim,

  So nice to see kids outside these days. To see a grinning young fellow on the water in a wooden boat is food for the soul.

  I'm drinking coffee getting the day's plans sorted out and your post made my morning!

RE: An excursion with my grandson


That did it! I'm officially looking forward to next summer without mourning the passing of this one. That's always the trick, so thanks for this post!

Now to get started on the wood duckling for my little guy and gal...



RE: An excursion with my grandson

This is great Jim!

RE: An excursion with my grandson

By the way, I forgot to mention, this was in Wawayanda State Park in northern New Jersey, just south of Warwick, N.Y.  It's a great place for gentle paddling, with lots of interesting hiking trails as well. (In case anyone is interested.)

RE: An excursion with my grandson

Another great lake in the area is split rock resevoir.  

I'm waiting for the grandchildren to be created but I have fond memories of kayaking with my dad at 93 (Peripheral neuropathy in both legs, bilateral rotator cuff tears, arthritic hands) and still a big smile on his face.


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