Wax Paper OK?

Hey All! I wanted to use tracing paper but only have wax paper. I was planning on using it to trace  angles on the boat and then transfer the lines onto the cedar that needs to be cut and fitted. My only concern is if wax leaves the paper and gets on the cedar. Could cause issues when fiberglassing. I'm thinking that the sanding would probably remove any wax residue from the cedar but wanted to check with the more expeienced before doing something stupid.

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RE: Wax Paper OK?

You are probably overthinking this, and making more work for yourself. Just get a good low-angle block or apron plane and shave the strips until they fit. It won't be long before you are able to eye-ball them with no marking required. -Wes

RE: Wax Paper OK?

There are a lot of angles and cuts. I'd suggest getting a sliding t-bevel. After you get use to it, transfering angles moves pretty quickly.


RE: Wax Paper OK?

First, I don't think wax paper will transfer enough wax to be a problem later, and if that technique works for you, go for it.

My suggestion is like twofootartist's.

There are several videos by Nick Schade showing how he cuts tapers. Here's a good one:


You'll see that he uses a sharp knife to make the initial cut to get close to the finished taper, and then he uses a block plane to trim it exactly.

Once you get used to it, it's a zen kind of thing...

Good luck.


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