Youth Group in Dory

I've seen a few great videos of two adults out on a NE Dory. Thinking of building a few for use with a Scout Venture crew, young adults between 14-20. Bigger and more sea worthy than a canoe; sailing as an option; pride of build, maintenance and use...

My question is do you think we could squeeze 3-4 in? I was envisioning 1 coxswain, two rowers and someone manning the "harpoon station" (w/o harpoon of course). Could trade off as rowers weary. With kayaks the boat:kid ratio is 1:1; with canoes it is usually 1:2. With the dory 1:3 or 1:4 would be a big advantage in logistics.

Also, I am thinking more space while rowing than sailing - would love to hear back on that too. Also with different rigs. Lug rig is attractive for its simplicity and setting up while underway. Standard rig would teach more traditional sail handling skills.



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RE: Youth Group in Dory

I don't have a NE Dory, but according to CLC, the maximum payload s 800 lbs and "even four adults have comfortable seating."



RE: Youth Group in Dory

The four-with-cox "Team Dory" project is coming along steadily.  Three of them are on the water now, with lots of groups showing interest.

Read all about the Team Dory here.

CLC Team Dory Kit

RE: Youth Group in Dory

Thanks John,

Now I am wondering about the same design with smaller kids and paddles. Sort of an alternative to a "war canoe".  2 to a seat for the first 3 with a stearman and a "lookout". Or would a large canoe type be better for that purpose?


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