Turned the corner!!

I've turned the corner. A special thanks to Joey and David from CLC and the many helpful people on this forum. Ohh and big props to Joey who hooked me up with some dark cedar when none was to be had.

Well I've gone from frustrated to calm and enjoying it. When I started working on the deck I had lots of questions and didn't enjoy what I was doing. I talk to CLC and posted questions on this forum and I started to get the info that I needed. A couple of planks later and I'm loving it.I really enjoy every strip now. The first couple strips I used rice paper to trace the angles and then make the cuts. Hickory called me out and told me to just be Zen with my plane. Well I thought Ya whatever I'm not a wood master like Hickory. Well, a couple of strips later I found my Zen. I was getting some nice tight strips. I was actually regretting when the strip was almost perfect because I knew I had to move on to another strip. I liked cutting perfect tongue or groves into the angles. Enjoying every strip. They seem to be going in faster than I want to. I think I only have 4 more days or so of work on the deck assembly.

So thanks again everyone for the help and encouragement.

Couldn't have made it this far without you... 


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