Shearwater 16 build- here goes!

Winter is long and cold around here and all I find myself doing is wondering how far south I'd have to drive to paddle somewhere warm...  I'm wondering about Arkansas... but in the mean time, I've decided to build my second CLC boat.

My first was a Mill Creek 13' for fishing and float trips with my dog, but I find myself on the Missouri River now, and she requires a higher performing craft, especially for the 72 mile SDKayakChallenge!  I have a used Eddyline Merlin LT that I totally love- the best kayak I've paddled, but at 13.5' it is a little tough to keep up with the big boys in their 18' boats.  I'm hoping the Merganser will be an upgrade from the Merlin LT.

So, wish me luck!  I've picked up a few tips here, and made a number of boo-boos on my first build, so I'm hoping this one will be less of a learning experience and more of a sweet build!

So far all I've managed to do is turn 10 pieces of wood into 4, but I got started!

My Picassa album-- feel free to leave comments!


Sioux City, IA


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RE: Shearwater 16 build- here goes!

I look forward to following your progress via pix, HawksEye.

Did the dog come with the kit?

If I may - why did you choose the 16 over the 17?   I'm hoping to start on a 17 next (Oz) Autumn - too hot and humid for the next few months - but never considered the 16, which in some ways makes a bit more sense.


Good luck with the rest of the build - keep the pix coming!

L of S

RE: Shearwater 16 build- here goes!

Why the 16'? 

1. My weight doesn't fit into the recommended guidelines for the 17'.

2. I prefer a lower volume boat in windy conditions, and more often than not, it is windy on the Missouri R.  (I wish I knew why it is almost always a head wind.)

3. I don't think a 17 would fit in my garage.  :-)

The dog?  Doesn't like to be left out of anything. He was a special offer from a shelter. He dislikes water, but boy does he like it when we get near the geese!


RE: Shearwater 16 build- here goes!

I love how fast the boat takes shape with 'stitching'!


RE: Shearwater 16 build- here goes!

I have this project for May next year after having completed our Chester Yawl, so your experience will be interesting to me, especally when you assemble the bridge and the hull that I heard it is not easy with the Shearwater.

All tips and ticks are welcome for the phases you have felt difficult


RE: Shearwater 16 build- here goes!

I have a Shearwater Tandem on order and will be following your progress, hopefully picking up tips and advice along the way. Please continue to post pictures and comments.

Thank you!

RE: Shearwater 16 build- here goes!

I love my shearwater 16,  good luck with the build!

RE: Shearwater 16 build- here goes!

Hi folks.  I'm happy to share what I can. I guess if there are people following the build, I'll have to put a few more of my thoughts into the comments for each picture. Consider it done, and please leave a comment when you visit the photo album-- it'll make my day!

Today I got the glass down on the underbelly. 


RE: Shearwater 16 build- here goes!

Many thanks for continuing to post the progress of your build - and your detailed comments - in your Picasa album. I have one of these kits on order and look forward to making use of your advice in January when it arrives.

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