help w/ temp deck forms- shearwater 16

I love the stitch part of S&G boats- the boat takes shape so fast!

But as I'm putting in the temporary deck forms, the two end ones are confusing. 

Q1: I can't figure out where the stern one goes (no double-set of holes in the shear panels or bottom). Do I just drill holes where the form length matches the deck width?

Q2: I can't figure out which form goes in the bow- one is 3/4" too  short, the other 1/4" too long!  good grief.

I thought from the diagram in the book, the shorter one went into the bow, but it isn't long enough.  Is it supposed to pull the sides 3/4" inward and let the front of the deck bow (curve) up above the form leaving a gap between the deck and form?


stalled out and luffing in Iowa


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