Trailex SUT 250 SCLC

I received and have completed the assembly of the Trailex trailer purchased from CLC.

This trailer is 3 FT longer than the standard Trailex SUT 250S.

The extra length is not needed for the PM. 

It took much longer to assemble and adjust than I anticipated.

I did run into a few glitches not mentioned in the instructions.

1. I spent a lot of time making sure the frame was square.

    When I attached the springs the rear shackles were not loaded and laying flat against the frame!

Turns out Trailex messed up.  I needed to move the rear cross suppor forward over an inch then the springs assembled properly.  Note: even if I had not put the suspension on and attempted to mount the bunks... they would have not fit.

I wasted a couple of hours messing with it. I suggest put the frame together and temp. mount the bunks. Since the bolts are already in place it wil fall into place and save time.


2. Forget the forward midship keel roller it is not needed for our PM. Way to much rocker in the her.

3. I had to do a work around for the bow stand.  I replaced the roller with a wood carpet covered pad that tucks nicely up against the forward hull. 


Plan on spending the better part of a day messing with the bunk adjustment.


I did not use the cheap wire connections with the tailight kit.  I spent the extra time and sodered and sealed all connections. Well worth the effort.

I did notice on the trailer  they recommend 20 PSI for the tires.  The sidewall rating is 90 PSI which is max. pressure for the tires and way to stiff for the light load.  I think I will run around 25 PSI and see how that works out.


If anyone would like pictures of the PM setup on the trailer let me know and I can send photos.


Have a great Xmas and Holiday Season!




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RE: Trailex SUT 250 SCLC

Would like any pictures you have of the trailer posted, or send via email attachments to [email protected].  I will be assembling my SUT 250 SCLC shortly so any pictures you can pass along would be great.



RE: Trailex SUT 250 SCLC

>>>>This trailer is 3 FT longer than the standard Trailex SUT 250S.The extra length is not needed for the PM. >>>>

Hmm.  The extra length was deliberate, and isn't a function of the boat's length.  

A longer trailer rides better on the highway.  Because both the boat and the aluminum trailer are so light, they can be bouncy.  Getting the wheels further from the trailer hitch really smooths out the ride.

Also, backing up a really short trailer is like trying to push a string.  I'm pretty good at trailer backing, but short trailers can be so bad that I just unhitch and move the thing by hand after a few frustrating attempts.

Wish I still had my Honda Element!

RE: Trailex SUT 250 SCLC

John,  I agree with you completely.  I had a question asked if the extra length was needed for the boat to fit.

I have pulled trailers of every size one can think of for over 40 years.

Again you are correct and one of the worst I ever had to back was a double wide snowmobile trailer.  I hated the darn thing but too heavy to unhook and push around in the snow.  Less than 2FT of tounge.


By the way I have pulled and it does pull very nicely with 20 psi in the tires.

Very nice setup!



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