Expedition Dory Update

I have now had a chance to paddle my expedition Nor’easter dory over 100 miles in varies location and have fallen deeply in love with her (I love you to honey).


The premise for the design was to move me up from some of my home made camping & sailing kayaks to something more substantial that I could sleep in and not have to set up a tent night after night, yet light enough to pull out of the surf zone if needed.


The result of two years of planning was the CLC 17’ Nor’easter dory with its great performance to weight racial and boat longevity. The next thing was to add a cabin in the after and utility locker in the stern and a waterproof cockpit to row and sail from.


So we went about closing in the dory and the result is “Wanderer” with four air type compartments and ample cabin room to store everything I need for a longer expedition.


She is down in Warrenton, Oregon getting fitted with a mast, rudder, and sailing rigging for next summers adventures.


I am looking for other adventures to do some longer trips along the Columbia River and Puget Sound in Washington State. If you have any interest drop me a email at Sneakywhale.com.


Best Regards,



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RE: Expedition Dory Update

A very creative and well crafted solution to your mission. I'm sure John C. is getting some ideas for a possible future modification. Keep us posted on your adventures - does she have a name yet? Well Done!

RE: Expedition Dory Update

Looks like a viable Water Tribes event contender.



RE: Expedition Dory Update

Thanks for the kind comments Robert and yes I have named her “Wanderer”. 


Lazio, I wish I did not live on the left coast it would be a gas to participate in the Water Tribe event but just a little to far for me to travel.

RE: Expedition Dory Update

I love your expedition dory, and am now seriously considering buying a set of plans. I have been recently looking at small expedition rowing boats to enable me to go on a few extreme adventures i.e. circumnavigating the UK, and ocean crossing or two!

The cabin in the aft is just what I have been looking for, and her load carrying capabilities are fantastic. I would really want her to be able to self right.

A fantastic little boat! 

RE: Expedition Dory Update

   Why not this type?



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