Passagemaker on Trailex

For those building the Passagemaker and considering trailers here is what the setup looks like on the Trailex SUT 250SCLC

Since the trailer has an overall length it is bit long. Advantage however is if you have a rear tailgate or hatch you will have plenty of room to swing it up with trailer attached to vehicle.

Notice the modification to the bow stop. I could have used the roller but did not like the hard point on the hull.  A trailer bunk bracket drilled in the center with a carpeted pad works perfectly. Protects hull and provides support.

The trailer also comes with two keel rollers. With all the rocker on the PM I decided not to install the forward keel roller.  Did not want a hard point on the hull.



Happy building!

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RE: Passagemaker on Trailex

Passagemaker on Trailex

RE: Passagemaker on Trailex

  I bought a trailer from Harbor Freight. The price was right, and I made some modifications as well:

Harbor Frieght trailer

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