Is anyone out there building pocket ship? How is it coming along?

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RE: Pocketship

I've heard that a couple of Pocketship kits have shipped, but no plans sets so far. However John does have 1/8 scale drawings available for panel layouts and making a model.

RE: Pocketship

I received the kit in Sept and have the keel and centerboard well assembly finished with 130 lbs of lead poured.  The centerboard is also finished, with its lead poured. The hull will be built up from the keel, however, that part of the  project is on hold while we winter in AZ.  I'll build the mast, spars, hatch, rudder and other small parts here and resume work on the hull when we return to MT in the Spring.  I'm shooting for the boat to be sailing in Flathead Lake in time for the Lakeside, MT Wooden Boat Show in mid-Aug.  Up to this point I've been working off a portion of the construction manual sent (.pdf) by John.  I'm sure he will have the actual manual and plans out shortly.  So far, I'm very pleased with the materials and instructions provided. I'll be posting a slide show on my web site once I'm a little further along.  In the meantime, I can send a .jpg record of the work to anyone interested.  Jer 

RE: Pocketship

Jer from MT ...I have just started pocketship this week and I live in Arizona! Look me up when you get here... (Susan} [email protected]

RE: Pocketship

I realize this is an old thread but if you're still out there, I live in Az too and am seriously considering building a PocketShip. Did you build yours already and can I see it?


RE: Pocketship

I've had the plans for a couple of years, but need to get caught up with other projects (finish current boat, then build WD 10 and Eastport Pram) before I can start. I have the ballast, glass, fillers etc. and will pick up the plywood and epoxy as I go along. I'm looking forward to starting, but don't want to havr too many projects going at the same time. Gotta get the garage cleaned out. I'll be able to work inside then.


RE: Pocketship

Wow, this is a 2008 thread!  Ancient history in internet time.  

A great many PocketShip builders gather at PocketShip.net, definitely the easiest place to track down builders all over the world.

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