Pesky Bubbles in varnish

I have been varnishing boats for over 55 years and usually have no problems obtaining a great finish.

This time I have had problems with Scooner Varnish.

I like the Scooner but have always used Captains 1015 in the past.

At first I thought it was dust but after further examination it was tiny bubbles which made for a poor top coat.

I tried everytihing.

1. My shop is clean and maintains a controlled temp of 68 degrees.

2.I have used badger hair brushes for years.

3. Changed over to foam with same results.

I have been usinng 333 to improve flow.

Finally I went back to OLD SCHOOL !

I picked up a qt of Flood Penetrol.  I have used this product for years but have moved away from it for no specific reason.

I added about 10-15 percent penatrol to my varnish. (new can of varnish)

I tested on the Tiller (with Foam) and the rudder head (badger hair)

Both turned out beautiful. What ever was causing the tiny bubble issue the penatrol allowed the varnish to level out and no bubbles!

I never shake varnish,  a slow stir, I filter the what I am going to use. Never return to can used varnish.  I evern tried the old trick of keeping varnnish in refrig. (suppose to keep bubbles down)

Still do not know what caused the issue but darn happy on my early final coat results. 

Have a great building season ! :)


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