Sassafras 12 - thinking of building with young son??

Thinking or ordering the Sassafras 12 kit to build with my 8 pudsyear old son over the winter.  From the looks of it, it would be a great size for him and our two younger paddlers currently age 6 and 4.  Seems light, easy to build, stable, etc.  Doesn't hold much weight but I guess that is OK.  If an adult wants to paddle it with a kid also in the boat that weight issue may come up.  I am very tall and about 195 pounds so I could paddle it if nesessary but I have my own Mill Creek I'd mainly be in anyway.

 Anyone want to talk me out of the Sassafras 12 in favor of one of the other models?

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RE: Sassafras 12 - thinking of building with young son??

Sounds good - you might consider building the sixteen, so you can all paddle together.  On the other hand, the 12 is light enough for two kids to carry and overall more manageable. Kids can be rough with paddle-on-gunwale scraping, gravel-grind and whatnot, so I'd be inclined to build it to 'workboat' rather than 'furniture' spec.

RE: Sassafras 12 - thinking of building with young son??

I thought about the 16 but I'd really like him to be able to paddle it on his own which was the main reason I was thinking of the 12?  Looks like I can adjust the seat to wherever I need it to work for him.  I was also thinking that the sides were likely to get beat up by the young kids so I was wondering if maybe I'd make some sort of protective covering to go along the edge to keep it from getting too damaged while he is learning.

 Of all the boats I see - this one would seem like the easiest to learn on paddle don't you think?

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