Pocketship sighting?

Baltimore Harbor, October 28th, 9:30 am

Small gaff-rigged vessel with blue hull, white topsides. Tan bark sails (main & jib). Getting very soggy in the rain.

Was that you, John?



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RE: Pocketship sighting?


Not me.  PocketShip lives in heated and air-conditioned splendor here in the shop, while I rush back and forth from my office with a ruler, double-checking the *&^%$#! plans.  DID get out to Lewes, DE a week ago for a photoshoot for the WoodenBoat Magazine article.  Some of my favorite photos yet, taken by our own Matt Crooks:


 Going fast but not breaking a sweat.




RE: Pocketship sighting?

 I read in another post about Pocketship plans being available in reduced size for model building. I have been bugging John for a set to build a model but to no avail. How do I go about getting a set? Having built models several CLC boats (johns sharpie and a cape charles) I would like to try the Pocketship. How about it John?

Ed from Delaware



RE: Pocketship sighting?

I second woodcarver's request, this is the only way that I could build a Pocketship. come on John

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