Separate deck and hull for seal coat?

I'm building a Great Auk. I have stripped the deck and hull, planed, sanded, and I am now ready for epoxy and glass.

the deck and hull and currently on the forms.  I have also cut and stripped the recess. I was planning to remove the deck, epoxy and glass the hull, then bring back the deck and epoxy and glass it. I'm nervous about removing the deck without having glassed it.  It just seems weak and I'm afraid it will crack.

I'm looking to use the experience of this group to guide me on this next step. Should I:

1. Continue removing the deck, glass the exterior of the hull, then bring back the deck

2. Epoxy and glass the deck first and put wax paper or packing tape between the deck and hull so I don't seal them together

3. Something else




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RE: Separate deck and hull for seal coat?


i would consider also posting your question on the Guilemot site....the preponderance of builders on that site are working on strip-builts.

i am probably a week or two behind you finishing up the deck on a night heron. 

based on the strip-built kayak book, they recommend a 'seal coat' of epoxy to the deck if you are going to remove it from the frames prior to glassing.  the books specifically suggests this becuase the deck may not be strong enough to pull off the frame with glue only.

alternatively, it suggests you can simply turn the boat over and glass the hull (with the deck on) as long as you propoerly protect the deck from getting glued to the hull (your option 2).

so sounds like you have the basic options correct except that for your option 1, it is recommended that a seal-coat of epoxy be placed on the deck prior to removing from the frames.

haven't figured out which way i will go yet and other than quoting the book....have no practical experience in the matter.




RE: Separate deck and hull for seal coat?

I opted to put a seal coat on the deck while still on the forms. I placed wax paper between the deck and hull to protect the hull.  My original preference was to epoxy and glass the hull first and I was removing the deck so I could roll the boat over, take it off the slings, and put it on the cradles. I was doing so on the recommendation of a CLC staffer.  

I started to break the deck free of the forms and realized just how flimsy it is so I opted to follow the book. I epoxied the deck and I'm waiting for it to cure now.  I think I'm just going to glass the deck too and then pull it off so I can work on the hull.  

Kinda scary because I would have liked to make any initial mistakes with the hull. However, it went pretty well. Now I'm just crossing my fingers that it cures properly and then on to the next scary step.





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